14 Mar

The Best Kinds of Kids Shoes and Styles

There are various types of kids shoes and lots of options for parent and kids to choose from. Different shoes come on different occasions like school, church, sports, etc and different shoes also come for different Seasons such as summer and winter. There are however some shoes that can fit perfectly for several occasions and season such as Loafers. Loafers are great pairs of shoes for both school, outing, and sometimes even play. They are popular options for kids and parents too because of their ease of wearing ease of styling and just that they are great shoes all around. Below I’ll talk about the different kinds of shoes and their appropriateness for different ages and occasions.

Lace Up Shoes

It’s safe to say Lace-up shoes are kind of rights of passage for many kids as learning to tie their own shoelaces is one of the new forms of independence. Kids learning to tie their shoelaces is a great skill to learn as it teaches them practice makes perfect, patience and achievement. Kids as young as six can learn to tie their own shoelaces along with a bit of help from their parents. Once they have mastered it, they will have no issues when it comes to lacing their own shoes.

Shoes with shoelaces have a way of making kids look smart and dressed up. This is why laced-up shoes are used mostly for school shoes and dress up shoes for weddings and formal events usually have laces. A pair of lace-up shoes will add a smart finish that is seriously cute with kids. If you can’t find a smart style then a pair of lace-up canvas shoes or loafers will work just as well, they can be dressed up or down and will feel great on their little feet, enabling them to walk around with ease.

As kids get older they start to pay more attention to what they wear and if you’re lucky to have a kid with a thing for fashion, they’ll start demanding lace-up shoes and similar styles. There are some stunning styles out there that are perfect for adding a bit of personality to their school look. For girls, a classic lace-up brogue looks just as great with tights and a skirt as they do trousers, with classic brogue detailing they add a grown-up touch and they also give that menswear-inspired look for a day out. For your smart young man, an almond shaped toe shoe with laces add a stylish twist to his otherwise boring uniform.For school, it’s usually black or brown and in some cases navy blue. choose from black or brown. Laces also a little bit more security to your kid’s footwear, they can be tied as tight or loose as needed. There is now new technology and innovations of self-tying laces by Nike.

Buckled Shoes

Buckled shoes are another grown-up style shoes that also appear dressy. For buckled shoes, however, it depends on the quality of the shoes for them to be dressy.

Like laced up shoes, buckle fastenings also give children a smart look that will also help to keep their shoes secure on their feet. Shoe buckles can be dated back as far as Ancient Rome, where soldiers would use them to keep their own shoes safely on their feet. During the 15th century they became more readily available and today they are a popular and trusted fastening.

Buckles are super easy to adjust, however, toddlers and younger children might find them too fiddly to deal with which is why we would advise that you help them when it comes to fastening.  They do offer accurate tightness to their feet although over time they can become loose so it’s always best to keep an eye on that as you don’t want them to slip off your child’s feet. Buckles also make an appearance on a lot of sparkly party shoes, fitting in with the glitzy as you can get buckles in shiny material or even bedazzle them. For those long hot Summer holidays, sandals with buckles offer a bit more security if you are taking them on a nature trail or for a walk in the park or to the lake. They add that classic touch without running the risk of the buckles and straps becoming too loose.

Slip-On Shoes

After all, is said and done with laced shoes and buckled shoes and loafers, there are days when all you need for your kids are easy to wear, easy to take off, slip on shoes.

The range of kids slip on shoes out there is huge; they are an easy style that is perfect for children of all ages to slip on and off themselves without any issues. One of the biggest pros is that they encourage your kids to be more independent as they pop them on and off by themselves, they are quick and easy when you are in a rush and there is a huge choice of styles that both you and the kids will love. There are so many style options and a variety of colors and patterns for parents and kids to choose from. Slip-on shoes are great for the summer.

For school and play, a pair of ballerina flats will be great for girls and slip-on loafers for boys. Some slip on shoes still has buckles or straps across to hold them for smaller kids. Also, slip on might tend to fall off if they get too loose thereby causing discomfort to the kids causing them to clench their toes to keep the shoes on. This could lead to pain and walking issues so be watchful and mindful when you buy slip-on shoes and when your kids use them.  Also, take note that shoes such as ballerinas can also cause kids to develop flat feet; this can be very painful and can make finding shoes difficult. Slip-on shoes have no fastenings so unless it is a tight fitting shoe, it will make keeping them in their little feet tough. It’s better to have a healthy mixture of different styles of shoes so they don’t wear just one kind all the time.